Health Department is headed by the Chief Medical Officer. Block Medical Officer is the head at the Block level. the Civil hospitals and Primary Health Centres comes under the Block Medical Officer.


  • National Ambulance Services :- In Emergency Call at Toll Free 108 or 102.
  • JSY :- Incentive given to BPL/SC/ST/Migrants Pregnant Ladies to delivery at Govt.
  • Institute i.e. Rs. 700/- for Rural area & Rs. 600/- for Urban areas & Rs. 500/- for BPL families in case of Home Delivery.
  • JSSY:- Free Services during antenatal Period, during Delivery, 42 days after delivery to Mothers & free treatment to 0-1 year child.
  • I.G.B.S.Y.:- Incentive will be given Rs. 25,000/- on sterilization for after 2 female child Rs. 35,000/- on sterilization after 1 female child.
  • 5) RBSK:- Free treatment 0-18 years children.
  • Muskan:- Free denture facility to Senior Citizens.
  • RSBY:- Free Health facility to Smart Card Holders. IPD patient upto Rs. 30,000/-P.A. & 1,75,000 for severe disease.
  • NBCP:- Free eye check up & free speckles upto Rs. 400/- for school children & Free cataract operation.
  • NACP:- ART Services for AIDS patient & financial AID to HIV positive children.
  • F.P.:- Free Sterilization (Tubectomy) & free spacing method.
  • PMSMA:- Free check up of Antennas Mother on 9th date of every month & refer & Identification of High Risk.
  • Free 330 medicines given to patients in Govt. Institutions.
  • RKSK:- Free adolescent services (MHT) & counseling.
  • NVBDLP:- Free treatment & diagnose.
  • TB:- Free treatment & diagnose.
  • Immunization:- Vaccination of 11 injections diseases.
  • UHPS:- On Payment of 365 P.A. free treatment in case of IPD upto Rs. 30,000/- , severe diseases Rs. 1,75,000/- & in case of cancer Rs. 2,25,000/-.
  • Leprosy Control:- Free treatment & diagnose for Leprosy.