Fact File of District Hamirpur


Administrative Setup

Literacy Rate
Geographical  Area Health Setup
Total Population Distances
People & Culture Education
Cattle Population Climate
Industrial Units General

Total Population                   4,12,009

As per 2001 Census

Male  1,95,971    
Female  2,16,038        
Rural  3,81,836   
Urban  30,173    
Sex Ratio  1000 : 1102 Male : Female
Density of Population  369

Per Square KM

People & Culture


Major Religions  Hinduism     
Languages Spoken  Hindi, Punjabi, Pahari 





 Agriculture Based

Literacy Rate      Aggregate  83.16

 As per 2001 Census

Male Literacy  90.86
Female Literacy  76.41

Geographical  Area  

 As per 1999-2000   

Forest Area  19,278 Hectares      
Cultivated Area  36,118 Hectares      
Unusable Area  13,993 Hectares     
Altitude  400 meters to 1232 meters        
Longitude  7618. to 7644. [East]       
Latitude  3152. to 3158. [North]      
Major Rivers  Beas River                                       
Climate  Cold in winter & Hot in summer  Rainy from July to Sept.
Temparature  At Hqrs.  Max: 37-39   Min: 3-5 deg

Distances (Hamirpur)  From State Capital Shimla  170 Kms. 
Nearest Railway Station  Una, Amb 80 Kms, 70 Kms respectively
Nearest Airport  Gaggal [Kangra]  83 Kms

Administrative Setup

Parliamentry Const.  1 [3-Hamirpur]
Assembly Segments  5 [36-Bhoranj (SC), 37-Sujanpur, 38-Hamirpur, 39-Barsar, 40-Nadaun]
No. of Sub-Divisions  4 [Hamirpur, Nadaun, Barsar, Bhoranj]
No. of Tehsils  6 [Hamirpur, Nadaun, Barsar, Sujanpur, Bhoranj, Bamson (at Touni Devi)]
No. of Sub-Tehsils  2 [Dhatwal (at Bijhari), Galore]
No. of Kanungo Circles  19
No. of Patwar Circles  198
Urban Bodies  4 [MC Hamirpur, NP Bhota, NP Nadaun, NP Sujanpur]
Development Blocks  6 [Hamirpur,Nadaun,Bhoranj,Bijhari,Sujanpur,Touni Devi]
Panchayats  229
Villages  1694 

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